Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Solaris Symmetry

Solaris Symmetry

Hybridizer: Nate Bremer
(Mystical Rainbow x Destined To See)
2009 - Tet - 34" scapes - 6" flower - Midseason - Branching-3 - Bud Count-22 - Dormant 
Light cream with violet purple eye, cream midrib and violet edge above green throat

Ok, I love this cultivar! Let's just get that out of the way :-) It is an excellent performer and a hard dormant, here in my zone 6/7, region 10 garden.

Here is a picture of Solaris Symmetry in its first year in my garden. You can see that the pattern is not as intense as in an established plant. However, I just fell in love with it that year and have only come to love it more since.

One thing that has really made me love this cultivar is that it was one of only two cultivars that showed NO frost damage from our late April hard frost this spring.

The picture to the right shows one of the strongest patterned flowers from its first year in my garden, 2011.

This picture, at right, shows the typical pattern as seen on the established plant in 2012. I find this flower so striking, and it is a much more suitable candidate for my zone 6/7 garden than its pollen parent, Destined To See.

In the picture at left you can see the tall scapes, that reached 42" in my garden in  2012.

While not a great photo, the picture at left shows the impact of Solaris Symmetry in the garden, with its tall scapes held up well and its many open flowers on any given day.

I have a soft spot for iris shaped daylily flowers. We had a few rather cold nights during the spring 2012 season and the flowers of Solaris Symmetry were this beautiful, perfectly iris form, as seen in the following four pictures. I was especially impressed with the way the sepals folded outward at the point of the eye patterning.

For anyone who might be interested in obtaining Solaris Symmetry or any of Nate Bremer's other fine introductions (or herbaceous and tree peonies) please go to his website by clicking here.

When viewed from above, the intricate pattern of Solaris Symmetry is very interesting in this expression of the sculptural iris formed flowers.

On some days, Solaris Symmetry produces rather intricate patterns, as seen in the picture to the left.

And speaking of patterns, below are three seedlings that produced their first flowers in spring 2012. I am considering all of these as potential breeding partners for Solaris Symmetry.

The above seedling is Aztec Headdress x Larry Allen Miller

The above seedling is Cast Your Net x Face Paint

The above seedling is El Desperado x Aztec Headdress