Thursday, February 6, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different...

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Just some pretty pictures of some pretty flowers with no commentary.

These are some of my favorites from the 2013 season. I will say that if a cultivar is pictured here I like it and think it is nice on at least one or two levels, possibly more. Being pictured here though does not imply anything beyond "I like it". :-) They are in alphabetical order though. This is a large post, with 38 images, so on slow internet services, this may take a while to load.



Baby Blue Eyes

Bela Lugosi

Belle of Ashwood

Bill Fall

Blast of Blue

Brocaded Gown (Tetraploid conversion)

Clean Slate


Edna Selman

Frans Hals (closeup)

Frans Hals (group)

Garden Portrait

Heavenly Angel Ice

Heavenly Final Destiny

Insider Trading

Karen Stephens

Malaysian Monarch

Mama's Cherry Pie at sunset on third rebloom in August

Mary Lightfine



Oceans Eleven

One Step Beyond

Pack Hunter


Pigment of Imagination (sans stamens and anthers)

Rainbow Candy

So Lovely

Some What Odd

Sour Puss

Spacecoast Irish Illumination

Spider Miracle

Stare Master

Substantial Evidence in the early morning

Supreme Empire

Swamp Apparition


Wilson Spider