Monday, May 11, 2015

A Day in the Garden

A Day in the Garden


I had been planning to write a post for more than a week, but I contracted some sort of flu/pneumonia/near-death malaise and today was the first day I felt good enough to actually get out in the gardens to take some pictures. Our weather has suddenly gotten very hot and dry, so a lot of different species are all suddenly blooming at once.  I wanted to share some pictures from the garden I took today in lieu of an article. Hopefully I will remain feeling better and get caught up on weeding so that I can get to the planned article.

First daylily cultivar flower of the season - 'Endless Heart'

Hybrid Peony 'Ace of Hearts' above a ground cover of yellow sedum.

Hybrid Tree Peony 'Anna Marie'

H. dumortierii flowering on very short scapes due to a late freeze. The flower on Endless Heart, shown above, also is on very short scapes. This frequently happens in our zone with most of the early flowering daylily cultivars and seedlings if we have frosts late into spring.

Multi-blue Clematis

Hybrid Peony 'Old Faithful'

Heuchera 'Cherry Cola'

Oriental Poppy

Hybrid Peony 'Mackinac Grand'

Shade Garden


A lovely Begonia

I got all my daylily seedlings moved outside. I am using four of the half picnic table/bench sets. Each holds 6 flats, so the four sets hold the 24 flats of daylily seeds exactly. Now that I am five years into the daylily breeding program, I am beginning to solidify the methods I will use in the future and invest in hardware. Now that I know how many flats are convenient, I can begin to plan my breeding accordingly. Of course, I will still be using outdoor planting methods as well, but some seeds will likely always get done in the house each winter.

This picture shows how the half table/bench works so well. By the bench being staggered from the table, it allows both rows to receive equal sun light and rain, as well as making watering easier.

A row of bearded iris cultivars that I am testing out in the grow-out field. New daylily seedlings are above them to the right.

Tall Bearded Iris 'Dynamite'

Tall Bearded Iris 'Orange Harvest'

Tall Bearded Iris 'Frosty Moonscape', a 6-fall or flat formed flower.

Tall Bearded Iris 'Rhythm' - an older flat formed that is very consistent in its shape.

A patch of four and five year old peony seedlings in the grow-out bed.

A select five year seedling.

A very interesting dark five year seedling.

A wonderful white four year seedling. 

A very pretty broken-patterned four year old seedling.

Lavender hybrid Rockii Tree Peony seedling.

As you can see, it was an amazing array of things all in bloom at once. These pictures are just the highlights. Many of these cultivars never bloom at the same time here. It is a touch overwhelming. I hope you enjoyed the tour!