Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Phenotype Black Eyes

Black Eyes

This phenotype has been one of my favorites for a long time. I have enjoyed working with it and have made it a centerpiece of my work with diploids, especially as it includes Brian Mahieu's wonderful cultivars Apophis and Pit of Despair as foundation breeders, as well as some other wonderful cultivars, especially Tis Midnight, which is probably the most thrip resistant dark red cultivar I have ever grown, and may be one of the most thrip resistant cultivars I have ever grown of any color. It is also highly rust resistant, and so should be used a lot more in modern diploid programs.

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Vorlon Encounter Suit is a 2016 introduction, 2017 release. For more on Vorlon Encounter Suit, click here.

Seedling #2 above is a likely future introduction.

The above seedling is likely a future introduction. The 2018 season showed its fine traits yet again.

Both of these seedlings above continue to show excellent traits and are proving to be excellent breeders, both for phenotype and for resistance to both rust and thrips. Both of these are likely 2020 intros.