Tetraploid Seedlings 2013

Tetraploid Seedling Page: 
A Showcase of my 2013 Season


I am updating my seedling pages to highlight some of my favorite seedlings for 2013. To make it more convenient to view my seedlings, I am splitting them into two pages based on ploidy. I have waited until the end of 2013 so that this update could coincide with my Garden of the Week feature at Charlotte's Daylily Diary and fall into the middle of my blog series on breeding for rust resistance in daylilies, to illustrate that you can select for resistance and face/flower traits at the same time, even selecting for very advanced and modern phenotype traits along with resistance. The pictures below are just a few of my favorites. At this time, I have fewer Tet seedlings that have flowered, as the first year I grew a large number of seeds, I bought many seeds, mainly all diploid, so my tetraploid flowering is about one year behind the diploids. I have selected just a small sampling of the tetraploids I am working with to illustrate some of the directions I am going in. To go to my diploid seedlings page, click hereSo, on to the seedlings...

Always Afternoon Seedlings

Always Afternoon x Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
I love the big green throat on this seedling. The sculptural quality of the petals, the way the center sort of peaks out while the outer sides of the petals pulls back, is consistent on each flower. However, the bud count and branching count are both low, so this one is likely to only be a bridge plant. Not many seedlings from this cross showed rust resistance, but this one has shown good resistance to date.

Always Afternoon x Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
This flower is very pretty, though I don't think the color is as clean as it could be, yet it is still very eye-catching  It is a full sibling to the seedling above. Unlike the other one above, it has great branching and is covered in a profusion of big, butterfly-like flowers for over two months. It has shown instant rebloom consistently and has better rust resistance than the sibling above. 

The same seedling as a clump shot to show the great floral display. It is extremely lovely in the landscape. I already have seedlings out of it and it has been very fertile with good germination. It is SEV, and is almost completely dormant this year.

Always Afternoon x Dance Bojangles Dance
This seedling shows nice form and rich color with a slight amount of relief sculpting. It was one of two seedlings from this cross that showed resistance. Of the two, this was the one I kept as it has the strongest resistance of the two and best flower with the best opening on cool mornings, which the other seedling lacked.

All three of these Always Afternoon seedlings were selected for rust resistance before their first flower, so while there might have been prettier flowers on some of those rusty seedlings that were culled out, there weren't any that had prettier flowers with better resistance...and these three are excellent material to work with.

Cherry Valentine x Painted Petroglyph

Both of these seedlings are very pretty flowers. I am featuring them here as an example. Both were growing as seedlings in my mother's yard in a secluded spot that didn't get any rust their first year so they didn't get culled for rust and were allowed to bloom, then the next year, the rust was more widespread in that garden and they revealed themselves to have only average or less resistance. By that time there was no way my mom was letting these two flowers go :-) Of course, now there is a good likelihood that these two will get used in 'salvage' projects...

Ancient Elf Crosses

Ancient Elf x Wild Wookie
While the coloring is not quite the tone of red I prefer, it is a nice red to have one yellow parent and the form and thinness is great, especially when you look at Ancient Elf, which is a fairly species-like flower. This one shows strong resistance as do both parents. The foliage is SEV, but closer to what I call "semi-dormant", which means is gets very close to being fully dormant. While not an introduction, it should make a great bridge plant to combine the many good traits of Ancient Elf into spider type lines.

Ancient Elf x Solaris Symmetry
Again, not an introduction, but a very encouraging bridge plant. The flower is large, much larger than A.E. The foliage is hard dormant and it shows strong resistance here. This is outstanding, as while A.E. has very strong resistance, S.S. has very poor resistance here, but does have many other very fine qualities so I have been very interested to use S.S. in salvage projects. The flower traits of this seedling are strongly influenced by the eye/edge pattern of S.S. It also shows the very nice foliage of S.S. and has strong frost tolerance. This one is also very fertile both ways and I already have seedlings from it.

Bold Tiger x Princess Diana
This seedling has been very resistant. The color is very intense and it shows strong rebloom in both cool/wet years and hot/drought years alike in my garden, so that even though the bud count is not high, it still has a long bloom period with lots of flowers that stand out in the garden.

Connect The Dots x Wind Master

These two seedlings both have lovely flowers, but again, they were selected before first flower for their strong rust resistance. That resistance has continued to hold, but now on top of being resistant, I also know both have lovely flowers and will likely make useful breeders for UF type flowers. I love the large watermarks in both. Of the two, I prefer the one on top for the depth of color and the thinner petals, but both are true hard dormants here, so I have kept them both for further consideration.

Free Tibet x Pizza Crust
While big, overdone edges usually aren't my thing, this one at least opens consistently. This is another one with only moderate resistance that my mom really likes. Since I don't do much with those types of edges, it is likely to just remain a garden decoration. Time will tell.

Orange Electric x Levi Davis

This seedling was selected for its rust resistance before first flower, but the flower is breathtaking in person. I couldn't get a picture that really showed the tone of this flower as seen with the eye. It is a glowing peach with a double edge of orange and yellow that matches the orange eye and yellow throat. It is stunning. This picture is too dark, but shows the form of the large flower well.

This shot is poor as it is at midday so there is too much light and shadow, but it does show the brightness of the flower better. I already have seedlings from this one.

Piano Man Seedling

The pollen parent of this seedling is unknown, but it has been strongly resistant and blooms up a storm. This is another one that was chosen for resistance before first flower. It is also extremely pod fertile and I have many seedlings from it already. 

In the above picture, the seedling doesn't appear to have as strong a red as in person. That is an artifact of lighting and the camera, but I included the picture to show the great green throat and the nicely ruffled edge.

This clump shot shows the beautiful foliage and the many scapes, as well as the intense red color. This is much more accurate for tone than the picture above. This plant produces a lot of flowers over a couple of months and shows some rebloom.

Sir Modred Crosses

Sir Modred is a great old red/black that is very resistant and a hard dormant. I have had it for many years and like it a lot. It is very dependable for me and is very pod fertile, so I have used it a good bit. Here are a few of my favorite seedlings that had their first flower in 2013.

Sir Modred x Bali Watercolor
Resistant and as a SEV, it should make a good bridge plant for making dormant UF and spider flowers in reds, purples and black.

Sir Modred x Chicago Apache
A very intense red with a nice opening flower.

Another Sir Modred x Chicago Apache seedling. The two tone red is very rich and attractive and the flower opens very well. The majority of seedlings from this cross showed good to high resistance to rust.

Sir Modred x Wild Wookie
Another seedling that will work as a great bridge plant toward dormant, rust resistant spider and UF types.


For those with a taste for brown flowers, I thought I would include this seedling from Solaris Symmetry x Heavenly Island Music. This was the best brown colored tetraploid seedling from this season. As with so many of my seedlings, this one was selected for its rust resistance before first flower. I was so thrilled to see it when it did flower, especially the bright green throat. I would like to see the bases of the petals more open, but otherwise I like this flower and it is very close to the type of rich brown I prefer. Another reason I am showing this picture is to point out that sometimes two cultivars with lower resistance can produce an offspring with higher resistance, mostly likely thanks to both parents carrying recessive genes for resistance. This is one of those examples and most of the seedling were very susceptible, but a few weren't and those were retained for future evaluation. This one will definitely continue to get consideration and use. I already have seedlings out of it.

So that is a short review of some of my work with tetraploids. While there are quite a few more from this year I could show you, there will be a huge number more that should flower this coming year. More to come...
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