Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Matthew Martin

Matthew Martin - Dougherty, 1992

Matthew Martin is a stunning brown cultivar. The above picture shows it at midday. The color is so intense and striking, looking like stained wood. There is a distinct leather effect through the combination of the color with the strong texture. It is really striking and the closest flowering species I have ever observed to this effect are in the Orchids.

The above picture shows Matthew Martin in the morning just after a hard rain. Some cultivars I have were beat to shreds by that rain, but not this one. There is some slight spotting, and you can see water pooled up on the flower, but the substance shines through. Note how much more deeply pigmented the flower is in the morning.

The final picture above shows Matthew Martin at sunset after a heavily rainy day. The flower takes on a near copper edging by the end of the day that is even more pronounced on sunny days. On both rainy and sunny days, Matthew Martin holds pigment and substance and does not melt, slick or spot up. The gradual lightening of color over the day is very lovely in this cultivar and does not spoil the flower display. The substance is strong, the texture leathery and the pigmentation is rain and sun proof. Be still my beating heart!!