Monday, March 16, 2015

Update - Seedling Shelves

Update - Seedling Shelves

I just wanted to make a short post to show the seedling shelves from the last blog post now that they have seedlings growing on them. The seedlings are doing very well and I think the shelves have been a success so far.

As you can see, the seedlings are growing nicely and you can see where I started planting and where I just finished planting. (Hint - left to right and top to bottom.) Now I know if I don't mention this that someone will be writing me about it, so if you look at the picture at full size, you can see water running down the window. This is not condensation from the plants. It was raining when I took the picture and that is rain on the outside of the window. I don't do much to increase the humidity for these seedlings. It is all sink-or-swim here :-)

The pots are in trays that have no holes, so to water them, I put a few cups of water in the tray, bottom watering, so the seedlings can absorb water through their roots and the tops of the pots stay drier this way. This cuts down on humidity and condensates, which may not be the best for the plants, but is better for my house. I do mist them once every other day or so, just because.

I'll keep everyone updated on how they do. These seedlings should be going outside within about a month, where they will be growing on potting benches on my porch, and then they should go in the ground later in the year. I don't need them to flower next year and there probably won't be room to plant them in the ground any sooner, as I will need to do the final culling on the oldest (4 and 5 year old) seedlings in my grow out field to make room for these. This is the 'do-or-die' year for those oldest seedlings and I expect to only keep a handful of them.