Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring 2016

Spring 2016


So far this has been a beautiful spring. We have had few and only light freezes so far. We have been dry for the last three weeks or so, but otherwise, rain has been fairly steady and it is raining right now as I write this. 

I have been focused on my early flowering Tree Peonies this week. I have had a number of lovely seedlings blooming this spring for the first time. I find the Tree Peonies very easy to grow from seed and the seedlings diverse and all beautiful. They may not all be introductions, but I haven't bloomed one yet that needed to be culled for being hideous or horrible. That's encouraging!

I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Enjoy!!

A Japanese Boutan-type seedling

Feng Dan Bai x Boutan-type cultivar seedling

P. rockii-type double-flowered seedling

Japanese Boutan cultivar Hatsugarasu (Black Crow), looking much more red than black, though that is more a camera artifact than the actual color.

A Boutan-type seedling

A Feng Dan Bai x Boutan-type cultivar seedling

Feng Dan Bai x Self seedling

Feng Dan Bai x Boutan-type cultivar seedling. This seedling shows the 'Lion's mane' type flower that was historically very popular in Japan. I particularly like this seedling.

A Boutan-type seedling

The final three pictures are of the old Chinese 'Mudan' cultivar Feng Dan Bai (White Phoenix), which is the pod parent of several of the above seedlings with pollen from purple Japanese 'Boutan' cultivars. This cultivar is my favorite of all the early types and is an incredibly tough, hardy garden plant that grows fast and established quickly with a broad tolerance for many soil types.