Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tetraploid Flowers

Things I Love About Daylily Flowers
Tetraploid Edition

This is the follow up to my last post on diploid flowers. As I stated last time, no matter how much emphasis we may choose to give to plant traits (and these things are very important!) in the end it is the flowers that draw us in and keep us going. So here are some of my favorite styles of tetraploid flowers.

Species-like Cultivars

Ancient Elf by Gossard

I am very fond of Ancient Elf. It is the offspring of two conversion parents, so brings in new and interesting genetics to the tetraploid gene pool. This plant is very much like some of the species in appearance, and the two cultivars that are its parents are likely not too terribly removed from the species.

Notify Ground Crew
This cultivar from Hanson is very much like H. citrina in form and behavior.

Normal or Star-shaped Flowers

While all of these have wider petals than most of the species and species like types, they are not really round. This is one of my very favorite forms in daylilies, as they are very classic to my eyes and really look like a daylily. 

Chicago Apache

Solaris Symmetry

Carmine Monarch

Chocolate Dude

Round and Ruffled

Insider Trading

Hollywood and Vine X Oktoberfest seedling


Margueritte Pittard

Fruitful Endeavor

Unusual Form

Blue-eyed Curls

Wind Master

Lavender Arrowhead


Yellow Sledgehammer
Here showing a poly flower


Wild Wookie

String Bikini

Bali Watercolor


Song of The Empire - Relief form

Love Comforts the Soul - Pleated

Gram's Dream - Pleated and Teeth