Thursday, June 14, 2018

Base Diploid

MNL Diploid Base Plant Selections

The overview of my diploid breeding, with goals, is outlined in the slide below. We then proceed to look at examples of my base plant selections. Distributed throughout this page are links to information pages on a number of the cultivars mentioned in this section.

From here we move to the two major areas of selection of base plants. Divided between advanced, concentrated-phenotype modern cultivars, and species and near species-like selections, to be considered for prospective parents. I made outcrosses and backcrosses between the superior of the two types.

Flower Phenotype Base

As time allows, I hope to come back and discuss each of these parents in more details. Each is useful, though some have not had the strength to become full-fledged base plants in my program. I have valued growing and breeding from each of them, though. Enough so that they got on that slide.

I have information pages prepared for several of these cultivars and will link those here. They are numbered with their number in the slide above. The others will have to wait till I can come back to them.

12. Zelazny

Species Base

Both of these species are exceptional late-season garden subjects!

To read about the Species, Click here

Old Near-species Hybrid Base Plants

I have information pages on both of these cultivars. I have a fascinating story to tell about Frans Hals, which I have grown for over thirty years.

I will post the next installment soon, where we will look at the results of the species and near-species older types crossed with the modern flower-bred cultivars. Take the time to look at the pages on any of the plants I have links for on this page. They are a fascinating collection of plants that have either done very well for me, in some cases for several decades, or are plants that were pretty enough to put up with for a few years to get seedlings. Find out the reasons I considered these cultivars of special interest.