Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Breeding for Rust Resistance in Daylilies: Part 11

Breeding for Rust Resistance in Daylilies: Part 11

This installment will offer a list of links to websites, as well as a couple of books and a movie, that I think are of value in learning more about daylily rust, breeding for resistance to diseases in plants and plant rusts in general. This is not a complete list. There are many more sources of information on rust, breeding and genetics and the Puccinia genera. I would encourage anyone interested in any of these subjects to constantly research. New information can emerge at any moment. 

References and Recommended Reading

Specific Information Regarding Daylily Rust

Resistance of Daylily Cultivars to Daylily Rust Pathogen, Puccinia hemerocallidis - HortScience 38(6):1137-1140, 2003, Mueller, Williams-Woodward, Buck. University of Georgia, Department of Plant Pathology
(Includes a list of resistant cultivars)

Microscopic and Macroscopic Studies of the Development of Puccinia hemerocallidis in Resistant and Susceptible Daylily Cultivars
Li, Windham and Trigiano, Dept. of Entomology and Plant Pathology, University of Tennessee, et al., 2007
(Includes a list of resistant cultivars)

Arkansas Daylily Rust Rating Field Study
(Includes a long list of resistant cultivars)

Cornell PDF on Daylily Rust
(Includes a list of resistant cultivars)

Daylily Rust Information Page 
(Sue Bergeron’s Website - a great source of rust information online all gathered in one place)

AHS Daylily Rust Page
(A good general page on rust)

Mark Carpenter’s Rust Information Page at the Lily Farm Website
(Viewpoint and advice from a large southern breeder with good information on sprays)

APSnet Daylily Rust Page

Daylily Rust Yahoo Group 
(Run by Sue Bergeron and another good source of information in the archives and a place to ask questions)

Maurice Dow’s Site on Daylily Biology and Genetics
(A very informative site focused on daylily biology and genetics. Maurice further elaborates on his AHS Journal articles here also. Very interesting!)

Breeding for Resistance to Diseases in Plants and General Plant Genetics

(An excellent overview of resistance breeding in plants)
Print version ISSN 0100-4158

Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding, George Acquaah, Blackwell Publishing. ISBN 987-1-4051-3646-4.
(This is an excellent book. You may need to filter out the industry propaganda and academic biases, but it is an excellent book non-the-less. I highly recommend it)

Breeding Plants for Disease Resistance: Concepts and Applications - R. R. Nelson
(An older book, but actually excellent for that very reason. Written before the advent of modern lab techniques, this book focuses on actual breeding methods for increasing resistance in domestic populations)

Michael Pollan - The Botany of Desire
(This is a fantastic book and movie that looks at the domestication and breeding of four genera of domestic plants. The sections on apples and potatoes are particularly relevant as there is considerable discussion of disease resistance breeding in both of those sections)
-PBS site about the movie
-Amazon Page for the Book

Rust in Other Species

Puccinia Page @ Wikipedia
(A nice short overview of Puccinia)

USDA Cereal Rust Page
(Lots of information on rust in cereal crops)

In the next and final installment of this series, I will review the points we have touched on in this series as well as looking at a few final points I would like to mention.