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Aladdin Sane

Aladdin Sane

Cultivar Name: Aladdin Sane

Seedling Number: MMCSPZPG 13

Bloom Diameter: 7”

Scape Height: 31”

Branches: 3

Bud Count: 13

Bloom Season: Early-Mid

Rebloom: Yes

Color/Description: Pale orchid-pink petals and a wide radiating raspberry eye above a wide green throat with radiating pale orchid-pink midribs coming out of the throat.

Ploidy: Dip

Bloom Habit: EXT.

Foliage: SEV

Fragrance: UNK

Pod Parent: Misty Mountains Cold

Pollen Parent: (Substantial Princess x Ziggy Played Guitar)

Flower Form: UF Crispate Quilled

Year Bred: 2016 (also germinated later summer 2016)

Rust Resistance: A+/1 year

Fertile: Pod fertile, pollen is pale and can be difficult, but I have gotten seeds from its pollen. Pods set fairly easily.

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Comments: This one exceeded my expectations for the cross. I made the cross in the hope of getting something like this, but I didn't actually expect to get something that was this advanced or with petals so long and narrow. The pod parent is my introduction Misty Mountains Cold, which has extremely good rust and thrips resistance (and excellent breeding value for both traits) with a small, round, cream-colored flower. The pollen parent (shown at the bottom of the pictures below) came from a cross of the seedlings that would become my introductions Substantial Princess and Ziggy Played Guitar. It too exceeded my expectations for the cross with a stunning near-white flower with a dark eye and big green throat and neat "eyelashes" of color on the sepals in the eye region. It was pollen fertile, but not so pod fertile, and over time I realized it just wouldn't increase. The cross that produced Aladdin Sane was just an afterthought. I didn't hope to get too much from it, but since Misty Mountains Cold was such a fertile and wonderful proven breeder, I thought, "Well, let's see." I am glad I did.

Aladdin Sane is a strong grower with reliable rebloom in my garden. It has rebloomed every year since it first flowered in 2017. The plant increases quickly and produces tons of scapes. The branching is only moderate, but the concentration of scapes and the rebloom that follows makes this one a stunning display in the garden, as you can see in the images below. The foliage is semi-evergreen, but the plant is very cold hardy. The flower is large, larger than either parent, and going more into the range of grandparent Ziggy Played Guitar. The flower coloring is very clear and bright. I expect this one to do well everywhere that grandparent Ziggy Played Guitar is also doing well, which is from zone 9 to zone 3. Ziggy Played Guitar has proven to be very cold hardy, as have many of his seedlings and descendants. I think Aladdin Sane will end up being as popular as its illustrious grandparent Ziggy Played Guitar. It fills an interesting niche of reblooming daylilies, with a very modern, unusual flower. It quite stands out from typical small to medium sized reblooming diploids.

Aladdin Sane
Aladdin Sane - A stunning clump photo from the line out garden, summer 2023.

Aladdin Sane
Aladdin Sane 

Aladdin Sane seedling photo
Aladdin Sane - in the hybridizing garden in 2018

Aladdin Sane
Aladdin Sane - a beautiful clump in the line out garden, summer 2023

Aladdin Sane
Aladdin Sane, late evening photo. 
I am holding the flower to give you a point of reference for the size of the flower.

Daylily Seedling
Pollen Parent Sdlg (Substantial Princess x Ziggy Played Guitar)