Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Solar Disk

Solar Disk

Cultivar Name: Solar Disk

Seedling Number: TSMSDD 14

Bloom Diameter: 6”

Scape Height: 40”

Branches: 5

Bud Count: 27

Bloom Season: MID

Rebloom: Yes

Color/Description: Bright medium yellow with slightly golden tones in the throat.

Ploidy: TET

Bloom Habit: ext

Foliage: Dorm

Fragrance: Yes

Pod Parent: Tetra Siloam Medallion

Pollen Parent: Stardust Dragon

Year Bred: 2014

Rust Resistance: A+/2 years

Fertile: Fertile both ways

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Comments: Solar Disk was a special project for me - combining the gorgeous flat flower genetics coming from the tetraploid conversion of Siloam Medallion with high rust resistance and a scape with better branching. The tetraploid conversion of Siloam Medallion that I used in breeding was a gift from Jim Spencer and is quite pod fertile, especially for a tetraploid. I used it in the last years of my rust resistance screening to combine those primal genes from tet. Siloam Medallion (TSM hereafter) with resistant lines with better branching, among other traits. This cross of TSM as pod parent with Stardust Dragon as pollen parent gave several excellent seedlings with very high rust resistance and nice branching. The one that would go on to be Solar Disk showed the best branching and bud count, along with good fertility and a robust and eye-catching flower display, as well as the open flower form. The plant went through the last two years of my rust screening program, showing very high resistance both years. 

The flower season is mid extending into late with the instant rebloom. The branching ranges from four up to five on a mature clump. The flower is big and splashy, open and often showing a narrow-closured, spatulate looking flower (as you can see in some of the images below). The flower also shows excellent substance with thick petals that hold up well. An excellent breeder, I have seen some very flat seedlings and also seedling flowers that are based on melon (which Solar Disk carries, coming from Stardust Dragon). Excellent for modernizing the form of tetraploid lines in rust resistance breeding programs.

Solar Disk
Summer 2020, seedling bed. 
Very spatulate flower form on this day.

Solar Disk
Summer 2020, seedling bed.

Solar Disk
Summer 2018, seedling bed.

Solar Disk
Summer 2023, line out garden.

Solar Disk
Summer 2020, seedling bed.