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Implausible Titan

Implausible Titan

Cultivar Name: Implausible Titan

Seedling Number: WTTIMP 3

Bloom Diameter: 6”

Scape Height: 44”

Branches: 4

Bud Count: 15

Bloom Season: Mid

Rebloom: No

Color/Description: Bright fire red flower with lighter midribs and a slightly darker band above glowing gold throat.

Ploidy: TET

Bloom Habit: Diurnal

Foliage: Dorm

Fragrance: UNK

Pod Parent: Welding The Titanic

Pollen Parent: Implausibility

Year Bred: 2012

Rust Resistance: A+/4 years

Fertile: Very fertile both ways

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Comments: Implausible Titan is a perfect blend of the two parents. It has exceptionally pretty red coloring, often showing a white edge. The scapes are tall and have nice branching. The flowers are consistently lovely and the plant is robust and vigorous. The rust resistance and breeding value for rust resistance is exceptional, and thrips resistance is moderate. As a parent, Implausible Titan produces robust seedlings, many with very high rust resistance and high fertility. Implausible Titan is extremely fertile both ways and is both an excellent garden plant and an excellent breeder for rust resistance, bright red color and robust plants with tall scapes. The plant is very cold hardy. It forms clumps and has shown no running habit here in my gardens for over a decade. It has good increase and makes a gorgeous display on a mature clump. I have several seedlings from it that I am still working with and can recommend it as a breeder or a garden plant. I am not sure how far south it can survive, but it should thrive in the far north. Even if it doesn't thrive in the south, it would be a good plant to use some pollen from, even if only for one season, to get its rust resistance into southern line.

Implausible Titan
2015 seedling bed

Implausible Titan
2017 seedling bed

Implausible Titan
2017 seedling bed

Implausible Titan
2018 seedling bed

Implausible Titan
2023 line out garden