Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Daylily Club Orders

I offer special purchase options for daylily clubs!

Solar Soul

If you are interested in a club order at any point, just have someone from your club contact me through my email. 

Details: I offer standard assortments of my own introductions to daylily clubs. These assortments are offered at 50% discount and require a minimum purchase of $500.00 ($1000.00 worth of plants). I can provide larger groups if the club wants more plants. For instance, $1500.00 worth at $750.00 or $2000.00 worth at $1000.00, etc. Choice of cultivars is mine, but it will be a nice assortment and you are welcome to make suggestions on cultivars you might like to see included or you can mention traits that you prefer, such as rust resistance, foliage type, diploids or tetraploids, plants suited to your area, etc. I will do my very best to fit the order to your needs and provide you with an excellent group of plants for your club to grow.

These assorted groups may include new introductions (and usually do), but I can't guarantee that any specific new introduction will be included in an assorted group. It is not uncommon for popular new introductions to sell out very quickly each year. 

There are shipping costs added to these club orders, which generally runs $25.00, but on larger orders, the postage may run more (all depends on how many plants in total will be shipped in the purchase). 

For more information or to place a club order, contact me by email at

I always love to hear how my plants do in various environments and am thrilled to get feedback from your club on their long term performance in your area!

Waterfall Ruffles