Monday, January 9, 2023

Fires Ablaze

Fires Ablaze

Name: Fires Ablaze

Seedling Number: FHZPG54

Bloom Diameter: 4.5”

Scape Height: 34”

Branches: 6

Bud Count: 29

Bloom Season: ML

Rebloom: No

Color/Description: Mauve-red self with thin white edges on the petals above a golden throat.

Ploidy: Diploid

Bloom Habit: Diurnal

Foliage: Sev

Fragrance: No

Pod Parent: Frans Hals

Pollen Parent: Ziggy Played Guitar

Year Bred: 2014

Rust Resistance: A+/2 years

Fertile: Both ways

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Comments: This is one of those plants that from the moment the scapes start emerging, I just have to stop and marvel. Once the many buds start opening, it is a blazing bouquet at a time when many things are winding down. The flowers can range from a deep old rose pink-red to a bright true red. Mauve is the actual perfect term for this one, though most people call muted lavenders mauve, it is actually a form of red, and this flower is pretty much exactly that. The branching and bud count is amazing and it makes an amazing display. Excellent rust and thrips resistance combine with hardiness to make a carefree plant that gives more than it asks in return. Fertile both ways means its good traits can be put to use in your program, or it can just be a lovely addition to your Mid-Late garden.

Fires Ablaze

Fires Ablaze

Fires Ablaze

Fires Ablaze

Fires Ablaze