Monday, January 9, 2023

Pigments Of Hals

Pigments Of Hals

Name: Pigments Of Hals

Seedling Number: FHPOI123

Bloom Diameter: 5”

Scape Height: 32”

Branches: 2

Bud Count: 9

Bloom Season: ML

Rebloom: No

Color/Description: Color changer starting bright orange changing through the day to mauve-orange, then bronzed-orange, then lavender, ending the day bluish-lavender above green to chartreuse throat

Ploidy: Diploid

Bloom Habit: Diurnal

Foliage: Dormant

Fragrance: No

Pod Parent: Frans Hals

Pollen Parent: Pigment Of Imagination

Year Bred: 2013

Rust Resistance: A+/3 years

Fertile: Both ways

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Comments: This lovely color changer starts the day orange and ends it bluish-lavender, going through some rather interesting bronze stages during the day. The plant is nice with attractive foliage and very high rust resistance. The flower has good substance, holds up well and shows good thrips resistance. Fertile both ways, it has been an excellent breeder for color changers on a good quality plant. It makes a gorgeous display and is an excellent addition to any color changer and/or rust resistance breeding program.

Pigments Of Hals
Early Morning

Pigments Of Hals

Pigments Of Hals
Late Morning

Pigments Of Hals
Early Afternoon

Pigments Of Hals
Late Evening

Pigments Of Hals
Late Evening