Monday, January 9, 2023

Weaving The Web

Weaving The Web

Name: Weaving The Web

Seedling Number: MOFZPG22

Bloom Diameter: 7”

Scape Height: 36”

Branches: 6

Bud Count: 24

Bloom Season: Mid

Rebloom: Yes

Color/Description: Bright purple self over green to chartreuse throat.

Ploidy: Diploid

Bloom Habit: Diurnal

Foliage: Sev

Fragrance: No

Pod Parent: Magic Of Freya

Pollen Parent: Ziggy Played Guitar

Year Bred: 2013

Rust Resistance: A+/3 years

Fertile: Both ways

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Comments: Once again, we see what Ziggy Played Guitar can do in a breeding program. Crossed with my introduction Magic Of Freya, back when it was just an outstanding seedling, the result was stunning. The magic of Freya in Norse myth is weaving (seidr), and she, along with the Norn, weave the fates of mankind. With the very narrow petals giving a spidery look, I thought Weaving The Web was a perfect name for is illustrious descendant of Ziggy and Scandinavia. The color is a delicious medium purple and the flower is a striking, thin delight, but even more impressive is the scape and bud count. When you add a plant with gorgeous foliage, high rust resistance and rebloom, this one is a knockout in the garden. Fertile both ways it is also a valuable breeder. The thrips resistance is also very good. The plant is hardy, increases well and recovers well from division. I think Weaving The Web has a big future in many gardens and breeding programs.

Weaving The Web
Midday, bright sun.
The images below show different times of days and lighting, in sun and shade. Purple is a very difficult color for me to photograph. Weaving The Web is a very clear true purple, which looks most like the photos taken in shade, but I include the photos in full sun so you can see a range of images and different lighting effects. The photo at the top of the page shows the flower in evening shade.

Weaving The Web
Late Evening Shade

Weaving The Web
Midday with full cloud cover

Weaving The Web
Afternoon Cloudy

Weaving The Web
That scape! An established clump very reliably produces these exquisite scapes.

Weaving The Web
Mid-morning Full Sun

Weaving The Web
Afternoon Cloudy