Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Endless Pigment

Endless Pigment

Name: Endless Pigment

Seedling Number: EHPOI239

Bloom Diameter: 4”

Scape Height: 30”

Branches: 3

Bud Count: 11

Bloom Season: Mid

Rebloom: Yes

Color/Description: Starting the day bright fuchsia pink with lavender edges, fading to pink-lavender petal and sepal centers with wide blue-lavender edges above green to chartreuse throat.

Ploidy: Dip

Foliage: Semi-evergreen

Pod Parent: Endless Heart

Pollen Parent: Pigment Of Imagination

Flower Form: Single

Year Bred: 2013

Rust Resistance: A+/3 Years

Fertile: Both Ways

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Comment: Excellent rust resistance combined with an interesting color change and strong plant hardiness combine to make an excellent garden plant and an outstanding breeder for a range of traits. Flourishing in multiple southern gardens and handling rust in those gardens very well, this one has a lot to offer whether you are a gardener or a breeder.

Endless Pigment
Early morning

Endless Pigment

Endless Pigment
Early Afternoon

Endless Pigment

Endless Pigment
Early Evening

Endless Pigment
Late Evening