Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Changeable As The Weather

 Changeable As The Weather


2021 - Reeder - Diploid
Prague Spring x Cheap Quills
34" scape - 6" flower - 3 branches - 15 buds
Midseason - Semi-evergreen - Unusual Form Crispate

Lavender-pink with dark lavender band above large green chartreuse throat.

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This lovely flower truly is as changeable as the weather. An unusual form that can be a quilled crispate on some days and a twisted, pinched oddity on others. I have consistently seen this weird, twisty form every year since its first flower, so it isn't just a 'one-off' that happened one day.

In the seedling bed in the 2015 season, showing the twisted form that is so unique and interesting

Changeable As The Weather derives from seeds I purchased from Nina Lapierre in the fall of 2011, and germinated in the spring of 2012. This seedling and its siblings went through all five years of my rust resistance screening. This one and one of it siblings (likely a future introduction) both showed A+ resistance through all five years of testing. It also shows high thrips resistance, and has high breeding value for both traits. Changeable As The Weather is fertile both ways. The seedlings I have raised from it were in the 2014 and 2015 seedlings and they have showed good resistance to rust and thrips in a good number of the seedlings. Colors range from pink to lavender to beige/cream in the majority.

In the seedling bed in the 2015 season on a non-pinched day

Changeable As The Weather has attractive dark green foliage and nice scapes with moderate branching. The mature clump is a gorgeous display. The flower, pinkish-lavender with a darker eye above a big green throat, is very attractive above the dark, healthy foliage. The semi-evergreen plant has been extremely hardy here and has never shown any damage from the most severe winters in my garden. It should do well at least into zone 5, and should also do well in warm-winter southern gardens.

Changeable As The Weather has been an excellent increaser with great vigor, good breeding ability and is a beautiful display in the garden.

Changeable As The Weather is glorious at clump strength

Here is the usual crispate form of Changeable As The Weather