Wednesday, December 2, 2020




2021 - Reeder - Tetraploid
Welding The Titanic x Implausibility
42" scape - 8" flower - 4 branches - 17 buds
Dormant - Mid-late - Unusual Form Crispate Pinched

Garnet red with darker red band, white midrib and white edge on petals and sepals above chartreuse to golden-yellow throat.

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Dracarys - the word for 'Dragon Fire' in old Valyrian, it is used as a command by dragonriders to their steeds to expel their fiery breath. This gorgeous flower has always reminded me of a dragon, right from the first one to open in the seedling bed. The curling, wide-spread, flat flower is a deep garnet red with a darker band, and the pale edge can be a wire rim, wrinkly piecrust or sometimes small teeth. The effect of the form, color and edging come together to make the effect of a scaly, spiked red dragon in flight, ready to let go with flame from the fiery golden throat.

On tall scapes with nice, strong, well-spaced branches, the big flowers hover in a predatory fashion, poised for destruction, yet graceful and beautiful. Bred in the 2012 season and germinated in 2013, Dracarys went through the last four years of my rust resistance screening, showing A+ resistance all four years, and producing a good number of seedlings also showing high rust resistance. The thrips resistance is moderate, better than the majority of reds I have grown, but not as strong as in the Solaris Symmetry lines.

First flower in the seedling bed in 2015

Dracarys is fertile both ways, but has much easier pollen fertility. I have gotten a few pods on Dracarys every year, but it takes serious persistence, while the pollen sets very easily. The seedlings have tended to show the tall, well-branched scapes and the big, flared, unusual form flower in a range of dark anthocyanic colors.

The plant of Dracarys is large and vigorous, and is a  dormant that shows good late frost tolerance, and the plant increases well. The foliage is attractive and looks good throughout the season.

You will enjoy taming this ferocious dragon as it grows in your garden, it will give you an amazing display for years to come, and if you breed daylilies, this one will give you some really amazing, large flowered seedlings with exciting shapes and movement, and can help increase resistance to rust in your seedlings.