Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Evidence Of Light

 Evidence Of Light


2021 - Reeder - Diploid
Impressionist At Heart x Substantial Evidence
33" scape - 5.5" flower - 5 branches - 21 buds
Midseason - Dormant

Bright, right canary yellow fading to creamy yellow with golden yellow edge and throat.

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Evidence Of Light is also evidence of the breeding ability of Impressionist At Heart. While a beautiful plant and flower, Impressionist At Heart's most impressive trait is its breeding ability. Evidence Of Light is one example of the stunning seedlings that Impressionist At Heart can produce.

Early morning in the seedling bed in 2017

Evidence Of Light was hybridized in 2014 and germinated in 2015, going through rust resistance screening in 2015 and 2016, the last two years of my screening program. It showed very high resistance, at the A+ level, both years. Thrips resistance has been very high throughout the years I have grown Evidence Of Light, and it passes its resistance on to its seedlings.

Starting the day as a bright canary yellow, Evidence Of Light fades to a beautiful creamy yellow with a golden yellow throat and petal edges. The color glows like a beacon in the early day, and then reflect the evening light for an eye-catching spot of light in the evening garden. The substance is heavy, owing to pollen parent Substantial Evidence, and the flower does not melt or deteriorate in the heat or sun, finishing the day with a perfect flower that remains open into the dark, catching any moonlight that may be present.

The ruffled edges are luxurious and rich-looking and the flower itself is quite flat and opened wide-spread, making the flower look very modern. But the flower in-and-of-itself is just the icing on the cake. This is definitely not 'just another yellow'. I have grown many, many yellow-flowered daylilies, both introductions and seedlings, and this one is a superior plant and flower.

Combining the gorgeous, modern, flat and ruffled flower with a gorgeous plant, great branching and bud count and high rust and thrips resistance, Evidence Of Light combines a great many desirable traits. Fertile both ways, Evidence Of Light is also a valuable breeding plant for its many fine traits. 

I am registering Evidence Of Light with five branches, but the range is between four to eight branches on mature clumps. While eight branches is rare and not typical, it does occur. The average branches in the majority of the scapes is five. Bud count is registered at 21, but I have seen up to 35 on heavily branched scapes or as few as 17 on scapes with four branches. The branching and bud count is always amazing and makes for a long display in the garden.

The foliage of Evidence Of Light is gorgeous and dormant, with no summer dormancy. The resistance to rust and thrips is very high. The plant only goes dormant once the first hard freezes have occurred. All of this combines to make a beautiful garden plant and a useful breeding plant. Seedlings range from light yellow to cream to a range of pastel anthocyanic tones. The increase of Evidence Of Light is excellent, as is recovery from division. A stellar plant and flower.