Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Ziggy Really Sang

 Ziggy Really Sang


2021 - Reeder - Diploid
Vorlon Oddity x Ziggy Played Guitar
40" scape - 8.5" flower - 3 branches - 13 buds
Midseason - Dormant - Rebloom

Pink with grape overlay, grape band, above chartreuse to yellow throat.

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Ziggy Really Sang, and what a song! A huge flower from two of my own introductions, Vorlon Oddity and Ziggy Played Guitar, that is a gorgeous combination of a big, open flower with a blended pastel flower above a big, green to chartreuse to white throat that radiates out onto the petals and sepals. With a gorgeous plant showing great vigor, strong scapes carrying the big, striking flowers and great resistance to rust and thrips, this one really has a lot to sing about.

The flower of Ziggy Really Sang at sunset 

Ziggy Really Sang was hybridized in 2014, germinated in 2015 and went through the last two years of my rust resistance selection program showing A+ resistance both years. The thrips resistance is moderately high. It is a good breeder for both traits.

In the seedling bed in 2017

Ziggy Really Sang is a beautiful plant with nice green foliage that shows good rust resistance and is dormant. The plant is hardy, shows fast increase and excellent recovery from division. I have never seen it die out in the center of the clump and it can form a large clump. There is no summer dormancy.

The scapes are tall and moderately branched and the bud count is moderate, though for such large flowers, that is not unusual. The scapes are able to carry the large flowers without falling over, and I have seen 4 branches and up to 17 buds on a few scapes on an established clump. The flowers are registered at 8.5", but if they are spread out, they are a good bit larger, in the 10"-12" range on some flowers, perhaps even a bit larger in some instances. The rebloom is a nice extra and extends the flower season. I generally only see a round of instant rebloom, but occasionally see late summer/early fall rebloom as well.

The flower is a pink/lavender with a grape eye. To me, the color is pink overlaid in purple. The color is darker in the early part of the day, fading to a more pastel and diffused effect through the day. It is attractive throughout the day and into the evening. The sepal backs show a yellowish center, bordered by a dark streak of purplish pigment on each side, which is then edged by a light border that is ruffled. The flower is attractive from front and back. The flower has good substance and is rain and sun fast. It still looks good at sunset in my garden. While it clearly shows cascade traits, it is not curled enough to register as an unusual form. I would consider it a cascading open form large flower. It can be bred for unusual form cascades with good success.

The fertility of Ziggy Really Sang is very good for the pollen, but the pods are difficult, which is not unusual for such a large flower with a long pistil. I have produced a good number of seedlings from its pollen and the seedlings are beautiful, including large flowers, unusual forms and cascades. Colors are an interesting range and many show the big throat and eyezone band. Ziggy Really Sang is a beautiful tribute to its parents traits. It has Lily Munster as the pollen grandparent on both sides. Trahlyta is also a great-grandparent through Grey Witch and Jocelyn's Oddity is a great-grandparent, so there is a lot of ancestry here with excellent rust resistance.

Ziggy Really Sang is a stunning flower on a beautiful plant that will be a boon to the gardener and the breeder alike. The big dramatic flower is a real eye-catcher with its petals and sepals draping from the tall scapes.