Monday, January 10, 2022

Color Of The Heart

 Color Of The Heart

Name: Color Of The Heart


Seedling Number: HLBPOI121

Bloom Diameter: 5”

Scape Height: 28”

Branches: 3

Bud Count: 15

Bloom Season: ML


Color/Description: Baby pink bitone, main petals darker with paler edge, sepals lighter tone of baby pink, green to warm golden throat.

Ploidy: Dip

Bloom Habit: Diurnal

Foliage: Dormant


Pod Parent: Hush Little Baby

Pollen Parent: Pigment Of Imagination

Year Bred: 2013

Rust Resistance: A+/3 years

Fertile: Both Ways

I love Color Of The Heart! Since first flower, this one has stood out every year. High rust resistance for 3 years and fertile. I only saw a couple of years of its seedlings under rust screening, but they showed an above average number or resistant individuals. The cross was one of those "just because" crosses, mainly just to see what would happen. I'm glad I did!

The gorgeous pink flower hovers in large numbers above an attractive plant that is vigorous. This is a real standout flower with a very good plant underneath. It has been dependable each year since first flower. I think it has a ton of breeding potential and is also a gorgeous garden plant with a lot of good growing traits, whether you hybridize or not.

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Below you will find multiple pictures of Color Of The Heart from 2015 through 2021, first in the seedling bed and then in the line out garden. Click on any image below to see a large image and easily look through all the images in a photo gallery. The first image is its baby picture from 2015, which was the first year it flowered.