Monday, January 10, 2022

Jane Jets On

 Jane Jets On

Name: Jane Jets On

Seedling Number: GJOSC13

Bloom Diameter: 3.5”

Scape Height: 22”

Branches: 2

Bud Count: 12

Bloom Season: EM

Color/Description: Bicolor. Near white sepals, petals of magenta pink with player edges and gray and pink patterned band above green to chartreuse throat.

Ploidy: Dip

Bloom Habit: Diurnal

Foliage: Dormant

Pod Parent: George Jets On

Pollen Parent: Stir Crazy

Year Bred: 2010

Rust Resistance: A+/5 Years

Fertile: Both Ways

From seed I purchased in 2010, this cute little flower is produced on fairly short scapes above a very rust resistant plant with very nice color and patterning and a nicely opened, somewhat flat flower. Jane Jets On went through all five years of my rust screening, scoring A+ each year. Fertile both ways, with a subtle eye pattern, lighter edging to the petals, and in a bright grouping of pastel pink, lavender and gray colors, this should be a very useful plant for breeding for rust resistance along with bright colors and patterns at the dip level. I have produced a large number of seedlings out of this very pod fertile plant and she produces an above average number of rust resistant seedlings. Thrips resistance is only moderate. Her seedlings also tend to have attractive flowers, but their scapes tend to be on the shorter side, which I know some people like. She is being introduced because she has been consistent for a decade, is very fertile and was screened for rust resistance for 5 years and shows breeding value for the trait.

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Below you will find multiple pictures of Jane Jets On from 2012 through 2021, first in the seedling bed, then in the hybridizing garden and then in the line out garden. Click on any image below to see a large image and easily look through all the images in a photo gallery.