Monday, January 10, 2022

Evening Substance

 Evening Substance

Name: Evening Substance

Seedling Number: HVSE727

Bloom Diameter: 5”

Scape Height: 70”

Branches: 7

Bud Count: 40

Bloom Season: ML

Color/Description: Ruffled, wide-opening yellow of thick substance with an overall tint of green to the whole flower.

Ploidy: Dip

Bloom Habit: Extended

Foliage: Dorm

Fragrance: Yes

Pod Parent: Hemerocallis vespertina

Pollen Parent: Substantial Evidence

Year Bred: 2013

Rust Resistance: A+/3 years

Fertile: Both Ways

I think Evening Substance is one of my most important diploid introductions. The combination of H. vespertina and the very interesting Substantial Evidence line merged perfectly to create a very interesting plant and flower, with tons of breeding potential. The scapes are tall and crazy branched, with tons of flowers. The scapes hold up well and the plant is attractive. Rust rating of A+ for the last three years of rust screening, the flower also shows good thrips resistance. Fertile both ways, Evening Substance is extremely useful in breeding, imparting height, branching and vigor, as well as rust and thrips resistance. This is a fast grower and vigorous here for me, and it is just a stunning display in the late season garden. Evening Substance is also a great breeder, and you can see a seedling from Evening Substance x Temple Of Bacchus below. I think Evening Substance has a massive potential for bringing a big dose of excellent and rare species genetics into tall unusual form breeding at the diploid level, and with a fantastic, modern flower that can take anthocyanin well to boot.

While I could go on and on about the plant and the breeding potential, I don't want to neglect the flower, because it is beautiful and very good. I raised hundreds of seedlings from this cross, and this one always stood out with a very unusual flower and thick flower substance. The flower is exceptionally modern in appearance. The seedlings are showing very interesting flowers as well. One of those seedlings is pictured below in the image section. 

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Below you will find multiple pictures of Evening Substance from 2015 through 2021, first in the seedling bed and then in the line out garden. Click on any image below to see a large image or scroll through the pictures below to read a bit of commentary on some of the images based on the description above.

Evening Substance x Temple Of Bacchus

Evening Substance x Temple Of Bacchus

Evening Substance x Temple Of Bacchus